Product Classification for Deacidification and Spirulina Capsules!

Product Classification for Deacidification and Spirulina Capsules!

# 1
Produkt 1

Spirulin Plus

These are tablets based on spirulina. Of course, it is algae rich in nutrients that have a health-promoting effect. Spirulina is now very popular in the supplement market because it has been found to have an effective effect on the digestive and immune systems. Spirulin Plus stands out from other preparations of this type by the combination of spirulina and other algae that work in a similar way. The whole combination makes the deacidification process of the body much easier. Thanks to these capsules, the work of the urinary system and intestines is much better stimulated. Spirulin Plus also has a positive effect on metabolism, and also supports weight reduction.

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Produkt 2


Detoxen is a preparation that supports cleansing the body. It is a product based on the extract of young green barley. It is a substance that pushes waste products out of the intestines. This product supports the metabolism and also significantly speeds up the metabolism. Young barley contained in Detoxen capsules allows you to restore the appropriate microflora in the intestines. It also contributes to the elimination of parasites at any stage of their development. This preparation is also packed with nutrients that help support the proper structure of tissues and protect internal organs.

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Produkt 3


Another product that supports effective deacidification of the body is Eliminacid, which has a highly developed composition. These are capsules that allow you to restore the acid-base balance, as well as maintain it at a later time. Thanks to Eliminacid tablets, we will be able to get rid of the metabolic products that remain in the intestines from the body. The composition of this product includes a lot of plant extracts. These include extracts from green tea, rose flowers and dandelion root. The composition of this product is intended to support the removal of harmful substances from the body. Eliminacid is also expected to eliminate fatigue and improve the condition of the skin.

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You introduce harmful substances into your body day in and day out. Usually you don't even know it. You eat meat from good breeding and you think that it must be of high quality, since you paid well over fifty zlotys per kilogram for it, and yet even it may contain, for example, dioxins, which in large quantities can lead to the development of cancerous diseases. You cannot avoid chemicals in food completely, but you can detox your body on an ongoing basis. Several products (natural and synthetic) will help you with this. The most important thing is that you cleanse your body regularly. Do this at least once a year, e.g. with the arrival of spring, when more healthy products appear in stores, and the desire to snack on sweets and other harmful choices passes by itself.

Cleansing teas
The first of these detox products is ... cleansing tea. Maybe you already have something like this in your kitchen cupboard and maybe you even drink it regularly and you just didn't realize its benefits. There are many of them. Cleansing teas are made of fantastic herbs and vegetation that have the ability to remove toxins, bacteria and sometimes viruses from the body. You can reach for ready-made mixtures here or prepare them yourself. To prepare a detoxifying infusion, be sure to use herbs such as fennel, nettle, mint, chamomile and dandelion. Also, try to drink boiled water with lemon juice, and keep your body hydrated in general to get rid of plaque faster. Water will always be your ally. You must not forget about it, or even replace it with any juices or drinks.

Supplements for detoxification of the body
However, it will not be easy for everyone to drink these additional cleansing teas during the day. After all, you need to consume 1.5-2 liters of ordinary water every day to maintain proper health. Theoretically, this amount may also include additional drinks (such as teas), but water will always be the most optimal choice. Sometimes, during an extremely busy and busy day, it is also easy to forget about taking the right dose of tea. Dietary supplements have become an alternative to this type of products, which you can also go for if you make sure that they come from a trusted and proven source. When looking for good cleansing supplements, pay special attention to detox pills, because they are the simplest and most convenient to use. Usually you don't have to take them in some huge amounts. It is enough to take one capsule every day to feel a clear difference in the appearance, well-being, health and general functioning of the whole body after a month. Supplements are loaded with all sorts of substances that help you detoxify. Of course, they will not completely eliminate the side effects of a poor diet, so they will only be an addition to a generally healthy lifestyle.

A good diet
Because it is your daily diet that will always be the most important. It is she who has the greatest influence on how you feel every day, whether you wake up fresh and full of energy, or maybe you are constantly ill or struggling with other health problems. Try to eat rationally. Bring variety to your meals and prepare them with different but natural and good products. Also, make sure that your daily diet does not run out of dietary fiber. It is one of the best substances for cleansing the body of toxins. However, remember that there are two varieties of fiber. If you want to remove plaque, toxins and various harmful substances, you need to consume more water-soluble water, which is mainly found in fruits (e.g. berries), jellies and root vegetables. This type of fiber has the ability to remove heavy metal ions. It binds with them and makes them leave the digestive system faster. Fiber is also found in many ready-made dietary supplements. So if you already feel that your diet may be lacking it, choosing detox tablets for yourself, look for those that will contain just dietary fiber.

Juice detox
Although detoxes are associated with something unpleasant, this one will provide you with the same pleasant sensations. Can there be anything wrong with juices? Anyone can like them as long as they learn to prepare them. During the morning detox you will eat mainly fruit drinks. They will give you energy and allow you to stay at work or school without any problems. For dinner, serve yourself with juices prepared from vegetables. Of course, you can add a little fruit to them, but you can also diversify their taste with spices or herbs - they will work great here, among others. basil, thyme, oregano, and even pepper and cumin. Strengthen your cleansing and drink cleansing teas between meals. An infusion of fennel will provide you with excellent results. It is one of the best detox teas because it regulates the work of the metabolic system. It simply speeds up the metabolism and allows it to excrete unfavorable compounds faster.

Juice detox also involves drinking more water. You can add it to juices to thin them a little, or drink it directly from the bottle or glass. However, other drinks are prohibited. You must not consume alcohol, coffee or carbonated drinks while detoxing. Dark black tea is also not recommended. So rely only on juices, herbal infusions and water alone, and your health will only benefit from this.

The dark side of hunger strikes
In many articles related to the topic of cleansing the body of toxins, you will also find information that fasting is the best way to detox. Are you sure? This kind of "diets" should be avoided like fire, because they will never be good for your body or organism. They will start smoothing it. And it is not a good and wise way to cleanse yourself of plaque, toxins and other waste products. Starvation can even worsen your health, depleting you of whatever energy you need to keep your body and various parts of your body in good shape. Various types of low-calorie diets, especially those assuming the consumption of foods with a total energy value not exceeding a thousand calories a day, have an equally destructive effect. This is by no means a good dose for any adult. And you don't have to be constantly hungry if you want to cleanse yourself and stay healthy. Go back to the paragraphs above and check again what good you can do for yourself. Change your diet, start taking detox pills or reach for cleansing teas. However, never use fasting or similar meals with a very low caloric supply.

The effects of cleansing the body
Even a weekly or two-week detox will significantly change your entire body and organism. After a well-done cleansing, you will automatically feel much better than before. In order to realistically check if the detox has been successful, before you start, you should do some basic blood and urine tests so that you can repeat them after the cleansing treatment is finished. The results will surely be satisfactory for you. It will turn out that your body works better than before, and you are simply healthier and you have a chance to avoid many diseases and ailments. And that's still not all. Physical health is directly related to mental health. Since you don't have major problems with your body, even your nervous system starts to function much better. You stop struggling with apathy, constant sleepiness or eternal fatigue. You always have plenty of energy and strength to work and take on new challenges. Your appearance is also improved. The skin becomes radiant and visibly nourished and moisturized.

How to cleanse the body before losing weight?
It is safe to say that detoxification of the body has become something of a fashionable thing. Everyone wants to cleanse themselves, and everyone seems to have some terrible organisms hidden in their bodies that they must get rid of at all costs. Yet the body has the natural ability to fight bacteria, pathogens, viruses and microbes. If a person does not have any more serious diseases and his body is generally in order, he does not really need a detox to maintain normal health. However, it is different in the case of shedding excess body weight. To make slimming even more effective, it is really worth going through a small detox right before it. It does not have to last for long months. Even a week of cleansing the body can prepare it for a new menu, which will certainly lack sweets, heavily salted dishes, processed dishes, crisps, snacks, carbonated drinks and fast food.

And why even dietitians themselves can recommend you to carry out even a short-term detox before weight loss? Well, this is for several reasons. First of all, thanks to a wise detox, you are able to get rid of not only deposits, but also excess water from the body. Standard foods contain enormous amounts of sodium. The average person exceeds the daily norms of consumption of this ingredient several times. And sodium leads to water retention in the body, which in turn translates into weight gain and overall body swelling. In order to be able to fight only unnecessary fat tissue from the very beginning of the diet, it would be advisable to get rid of this excess water earlier. Among other things, the detox of the body serves this purpose. As it includes only natural and unprocessed foods, it supplies the body with virtually no sodium.

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I wasn't feeling well. I was gaining weight all the time and I couldn't see why. Doctors couldn't help me. It was only a friend who suggested to me that it might be acidification. In addition, she mentioned an effective supplement, which was Spirulin Plus. I tried, but I didn't have very high hopes. However, it turned out to be a good idea. A few weeks of treatment made me become a different person. A completely different approach to life and much more energy. I recommend this product to everyone.

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Throughout my life, I did not pay attention to taking care of my health. After all, a healthy man should eat everything. Eventually, however, my unhealthy lifestyle gave me a hiccup. My body became acidic and I completely lost my energy for life. On the Internet, I found information about Spirulin Plus capsules, which turned out to be my salvation. After using this preparation, my mood improved significantly. I have a lot more energy and only now do I feel alive. I recommend that you give it a try to anyone with problems similar to mine!

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I've been feeling really bad lately. I acidified my body and I was not feeling well. I've tried many supplements but it didn't work. I found information about the Spirulin Plus product on the Internet and decided that I would try to use preparations of this type for the last time. Fortunately, Spirulin Plus turned out to be effective. After a month, I felt a significant improvement and I even managed to lose a few kilos. I recommend to everyone!

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